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Save 30% On Selected Items

There is only one Black Friday a year but luckily you have until Sunday 30th November to get your hands on some great deals! Snap up a whole range of Lomographic cameras and accessories on offer by checking out our Black Friday Site or heading down to a Gallery Store.

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Lomography has a Shop – you can get anything analogue: Cameras, Films, Accessories and Fashion

Are you an analogue photographer who likes to shop offline? Visit one of our Lomography Gallery Stores in Hong Kong, London Soho, New York, Paris Marais, Paris Lafayette & Tokyo and Embassy Stores in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Bangkok, Barcelona, Beijing Chaoyang, Chicago, Berlin, Bratislava, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Guangzhou, Istanbul, Jakarta, Johannesburg, Lima, Lisbon, Madrid Argensola, Monterrey, Porto, Prague, Puebla, Santiago, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Taichung, Taipei, Tehran & Vienna

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Photo of the Day by mafiosa

Photo of the Day by mafiosa Ah, nature! See what this dangerous combination of the Petzval + Cine 200 film brings you!

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Round and Round We Go - Turn Your Spins into Circles

Round and Round We Go - Turn Your Spins into Circles In just a few easy steps, you can convert your Spinner 360 photos into circles, just follow this 5 easy steps.

Lomography is your Home

Home of the Day by akula

Home of the Day by akula check out the cool effects that fire brings to your negatives!

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